Saturday, October 18, 2008

The New & Improved 10 Things I Think I Think!

  1. Technology has made our world much closer. Sending text messages on my Iphone in Ecuador while watching major league baseball on ESPN as I am uploading my latest blog entry on my Macbook, how cool is that?
  2. The sound of people genuinely seeking the face of God is the same around the world. God loves that sound.... and so do I.
  3. Smoothie King comes a very close second to Jamba Juice. Jamba Juice will be available in Heaven.
  4. The creativity of God is never more clearly seen than at this time of year. It is truly amazing how God paints the Autumn landscape in such wonderfully vivid colors.
  5. Walmart should not be allowed to put out Christmas displays until they make Christmas M&M's available.
  6. The current political campaign season reflects the great need for a return to common courtesy and mutual respect. The anger in the political commentary is tragic. Come on people, we can have a difference of opinion while maintaining our objectivity. I will still like you even in you vote for _____________ and the democratic/republican party is not demon possessed!
  7. The push to free our country from dependence on oil has far more reaching consequences than most people realize... Golf balls are 90% petroleum based. OPEC must not be allowed to limit production, we must protect Titleist at all costs!
  8. The church is coming into an exciting period. The uncertainty in our economy has people looking for answers that will stand the test of time, and only one answer truly endures... Jesus.
  9. Legislation is desperately needed to limit the lifespan of musical greeting cards. a seemingly harmless song that seems cute the first time the card is opened has the potential to inspire violence when heard for the forty-seventh time. Yes, I do speak from experience.
  10. Life affords me the opportunity to play numerous roles, but my favorite role is Dad. There is no happier time for me than the moments spend with my family and the incredible sense of fulfillment that comes from just one hug!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A View From the Ecuadorian Mountain Tops

A quick log at the clock revealed that it was unbelievably early.  Way too early to be awake.  A pounding headache and clogged sinuses caused my weary body to think otherwise, so there I was thinking how much easier it would be if I were facing sickness at home in my own bed rather than in a hotel in Southern Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil.  I pondered whether or not I could be ready for the full day ahead, wondering if I would have the energy to accomplish all that was on the agenda.  To be perfectly honest, I was feeling a little (well, maybe a lot) sorry for myself.  

The realization came that this was not simply a business trip or a vacation excursion.  My mission here in Ecuador is specific, to meet with the missionary and develop our strategy for a major advancement of Christ's Kingdom.  I was reminded that Kingdom warfare often involves struggle and I should not be surprised that the enemy was attempting to discourage me be throwing sickness at me.  So, if the enemy was going to have me awake at 2 AM, I was determined to "make the most of every opportunity."  A time of prayer and worship brought a sense of peace to both my spirit and body and, understandably, I slept well the rest of the night!

God's Word is true when it declares that all things work together for God for those who love God and are called according to His purpose.  Never forget that Satan is a defeated foe!

The weather has turned markedly cooler as the sun sets over Quito.  We have just finished a day of touring the Ecuadorian capital, looking at potential lodging and projects for our 2009 missions trips.  Our prayerful expectation is that "Impact Ecuador '09" will truly impact this amazing South American country.  Please join with us in prayer for this missions initiative.... and let God impress upon your heart to be a part of this great outreach to Ecuador in '09.  I look forward to seeing you in Quito!