Tuesday, July 29, 2008

10 Things I Think I Think!

  1. The people at Panera coat their cinnamon crunch bagel with a secret, yet highly addictive glaze, that should be outlawed. If you have yet to have one of these bagels be forewarned!
  2. Comparing pricing plans from cellphone providers is particularly painful...why does it have to be so difficult?
  3. This could be the year for my lovable losers, the Cubbies to go all the way. I don't know if my heart can take the drama. Why is it never easy with these guys????
  4. Intercessory prayer and fasting is a lost art in contemporary Christianity. Seeking the face of God is the key to the church reaching our potential in Christ.
  5. The Brett Favre story has been so overplayed!
  6. The presidential election this fall will most likely be painful to watch, irregardless of your political preference, the onslaught of campaign comercials and endless media rhetoric is sure to be overwhelming.
  7. The current questionable economy, political uneasiness, and general cultural malaise offers the church a unique, yet short term window to have significant influence if we simply choose to be relevant and active. Christ is the answer that fills the void. The key is to help people get beyond the ignorance and misconceptions of God and His church.
  8. I need to go to Ruth's Chris before there summer special is over... their steak is amazing!
  9. You can not overestimate the power of a hug, or the love of a dog!
  10. You have amazing potential.


Adam said...

I think great minds think alike. That is one thing I think I think.

dreamingheart436 said...

dad why were you up at 4:18 AM???
sleep is a priority!

mwillet said...

Irregardless is not proper English. It contains two negatives: -ir, and -less. Just thought you'd like to know.


mwillet said...

oh yeah, one more thing...you have too much time on your hands!

Valerie W. said...

Hi Pastor Ed,

I have taken your invitation to respond back and venturing into the world of blogging; maybe my kids will be impressed (not). I think your blog is great; great to reach more people. I have one question: what is Ruth's Chris?

Greydon Cochrane said...

Pastor Ed, I enjoyed this reading, it was cool. Definitely going to check out more.

Golf Nut said...

Pastor Ed, Kudos on a job well done,and another interesting way to touch others. Irregardless of the fact it has 2 negatives, Irregardless is in the Encarta Dictionary and means regardless. So shoud we disregard the double negative in irregardless or just continue to use it regardless of the gramatical aspects that irregardless would impart to the context of a message that it contains. Oh now I am so confused ! Irregardless I think the blog is great.

Nancy Simmons said...


Lori McElyea said...

1 Thing I think, in you God has created an amazing Shepherd... thankfully we have blogs and sermons online so I can still experience Pastor Ed. Thank you to you and Jodi for everything, I will miss you!

Jodi said...

You always make me think. Great job on your blog! Love you lots!

CAD Monkey said...

Hey PE,

The Cubbies have NO hope, none, irregardless of what you think, you think. :)

I miss the regularness (is that a word?) of your humor and insight.