Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Beyond All Limits

A late night of bingo and bonfires made getting up this morning a challenge. The annoying beep of a cheap alarm clock offered a not so gentle reminder that the day was starting, and if I did not get out of bed it would start without me. My mind quickly cycled through a litany of excuses for staying in bed, and I must admit a few of them sounded pretty good... at least to me.

After a quick shower and a few cookies (the breakfast of champions), I was out the door just in time to see the parade of wheelchairs and walkers pass by. It was time for morning recreation at the Minnesota Special Touch Getaway. This morning's activities included an obstacle course and paintball art. I have been privileged to be a part of numerous getaways with Special Touch, but never cease to be amazed at the truly remarkable ministry.

I could not help but be filled with a sense of wonder as I watched the various guests make their way through the obstacle course constructed out of bales of straw and mattresses. The focus this morning was not on their disability, it was on maximizing their ability. The response of one Sam, one of the guests at the getaway perfectly illustrated the morning. Sam was initially tentative as he began to navigate the obstacle course. He asked for assistance a few times and thought of quitting part way through, but with a little encouragement he finished the course. His broad smile said it all as he raised his arms and exclaimed, "I did it." No Olympian in Beijing had a greater sense of accomplishment than what we witnessed in Sam today. Sam set his own world record this morning. What he initially thought was impossible became a possibility, an insurmountable obstacle was conquered, and a limitation became a liberty.

It makes me ponder, what impossibilities in my life can become possibilities if I simply listen to the encouragement of the Holy Spirit, welcome the help of those around me, and press forward in spite of the anxieties along the way. Scripture is indeed correct when it declares, "I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me.

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Anonymous said...

Paintball Art..........hmmmmmm sounds like something I could get into. Maybe we could introduce this at the Family Festival this Sunday. Sheer Brilliancy.