Friday, October 29, 2010

Ten Things I Think I Think - October 2010

1. The time is right for Steve Jobs to announce the new Apple ICar. If Apple were to make the Apple ICar it would look a lot like the latest Acura RL, that car is incredible.

2. It should be against the law for McDonalds to call it a McRib sandwich. You are not fooling us McDonalds…. But I do love the sweet tea!

3. I am so glad the midterm elections are just a few days away, and then we will be done with all of the angry advertisements. The current political climate in our nation leaves a great deal to be desired. I am hopeful that someone will actually address issues and leave the negative commentary regarding the opposing party alone.

4. If Apple announced the Apple Icar and it looked like the old AMC Pacer I would still be tempted to buy it…. As long as it wasn’t the Levis version. That car had denim interior and fake stitching in the exterior paint. It gave a whole new meaning to the word ugly.

5. There is an amazing window of opportunity for the church today to offer real answers.

6. This year we will put colored lights on the Christmas tree at the Garvin house. I don’t like them, but Jodi does. Most years she defers to my preference, this year she wins…. Don’t tell her! :)

7. Fox News uses the “Breaking News” tag way too often. If the news is over 24 hours old it is not “breaking”. I am just saying!

8. Pumpkin bars will be in Heaven. Pumpkiny goodness topped with mouthwatering icing, I can almost here the angels singing.

9. Our Missions Team at First Assembly of God Bloomington-Normal is outstanding. Hulda Buntain speaking in front of a 20 foot tall Taj Mahal, Michael McNamee joining us for a banquet with food from one of the areas top chefs, and Dwain Jones challenging us on Faith Promise Sunday. Very cool.

10. I am challenged to lead our church to a greater commitment to seek God with passion. The impact the Holy Spirit can have on us and we can have on our culture is massive.

By the way, I bet you are still thinking about the whole ICar idea. :)

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