Friday, December 14, 2012


It is part of our human nature to ask the question, why?  When faced with the reality of unspeakable tragedy our initial response is to determine who can be held responsible... we want answers. All too often there are none.

I was challenged today by the comments of a good friend:

We look to blame. When the dust settles, democrats will blame republicans; republicans will blame democrats. Somebody will say we don’t have enough gun control. Somebody will say we have too much gun control. Somebody will blame Obama. Somebody will blame Bush. Somebody will blame the violence in our culture. Somebody will blame video games.

Already some of my well-meaning Christian friends have used this tragedy to soap-box about election results, taking prayer out of schools and America turning her back on God, etc. etc.

PLEASE just shut up.

Now is not the time for preaching and condemnation. Now is the time for sadness, mourning, love, grace. Somebody said a few moments ago on the news that this is a sign that it’s time for America to go running back to God. I completely disagree.

There is a time for repentance and I believe America needs to repent, BUT the beauty of Christmas is that God comes to US. God is not sitting in heaven waiting for America to run back to Him today. God is running toward Newtown, Connecticut. His heart is grieved by evil. Just as we have all seen those parents and grandparents running to reunite with their children and grandchildren today, God is running toward His kids.

God hold us all in your loving arms.

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Scott Kemp said...

Amen! Thanks, Pastor.